Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Long time no blog! Haven't been doing much sewing or crafting, but I've contemplating on starting an online calligraphy business.  Talk about taking a leap!  I'll probably be opening through ETSY, been tinkering with the idea for a couple of months now.  I wanted to start small and local and see where this leads.  Services would be for envelopes of all sorts- invitations (graduation, wedding, baby shower, birthday, etc), thank yous, holidays, or even just because.  Also place cards, menus, or whatever you need (in reason of course!).  

Here are some samples- it's quite obvious the names are a mix of TV show characters.  Let me know what you think then spread the word! 
Font: Fancy Fancy
Font: Fancy Script
Font: French Ronde
Red Font: German Round Hand
Black Font: freehand (whatever my hand wants to do)
August: C&L + Fancy Fancy
Jacob: French Ronde
Font: C&L + freehand 

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