Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hi readers- Nhu speaking!  Nhung and I officially decided to start a blog for our multitude of "talents." I'm pretty excited to have this page. If you don't already know us, we do so many different things from baking to sewing!  Family and friend have jokingly told us to open shops of all sorts.  Additionally, we've been wanting to share our creations (success and fiasco) with people, and we're so happy to finally be able to do so! Nhung's pretty good in the crafty area so that will be her forte and mine is sewing though I'm but a novice. Everything else we do together! I will also be mentioning other bloggers and tutorials from which I gain insight and inspiration- be sure to check out their pages too!

A little about the name- Peonies&Plaid. Nhung LOVES peonies, and, well, I love plaid! It's actually a mix of both of us. We like to pick flowers, and I love gardening.  Peonies just happened to sound best next to plaid. The plaid comes from our country/Southern side.  Other than our love for country music and boot, we're from Oklahoma!  Living here all your life really grows on you -the people, the hick accent, the horses, etc. Nevertheless we're proud of where we're from!  And in light of the NBA Championships- THUNDER UP!

Please bare with us while we get the page up and organized.  Feel free to leave comments as I love reading them!


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