Monday, June 11, 2012

Project #1 - "A flower is a flower"

Hello Hello! This is Princess Nhung blogging =) I'm super excited to get started on this blogging thing! I told Nhu that one of these days our blog will get really famous. How cool would that be?! Just kidding though, We just wanted to share our fun ideas with our family and friends. Nhu and I completed our first painting project today! We renovated a really old nightstand of mine into something that we consider "pinterest-worthy" where a lot of our inspiration comes from. This is a fairly simple tutorial on painting any wooden furniture you may have. Or you can even buy some old ones off craig's list or garage sale.

This is what my nightstand originally looked like...
It's an antique ;)

First off, we had to sand the surface to get a smooth top by using just a sanding bar thing. And this is what it looks like after all the sanding.  We used a damp cloth to wipe off all the dust and debris.

Let it dry and use a primer before painting.  It's just like applying makeup, you have to start with a clean face and a primer before you can apply your foundation to have a smooth and flawless look. You girls understand =)

So we thought it was a good idea to do all of this inside my room...until we got high. haha not really, but seriously though, DON'T do this inside your house! Especially since we used a spray primer and the fumes really got to us.

We applied a couple of thin layers of primer on and this is after primer...I've read that you should use a gray color primer if you have darker wood and white primer for lighter color wood like mine.

Our spray primer(Zinsser Bulls Eye 1.2.3)and white paint (Valspar satin white)

And FINALLY, our finished product!!! After 2 coats of white paint and some touch ups and Nhu's awesome artistic skills! We have a beautiful dandelion themed nightstand! We're not professional painters or anything but I think it was a decent job. As always, we had a lot of fun doing this together! Thanks Nhu =) you're the besttttest ;)
Looks pretty in the sun =)

quote by Jewel from "What you are"
"A flower is a flower
It doesn't have to bloom
And light is light
Just knows how to fill a room" 

This really made a difference in my room! It's just like that one piece of clothing you have in your closet that really makes your wardrobe! Thanks for reading! What do you guys think??? Please leave comments below because Nhu absolutely LOVES reading people's comment. I'm not even lying. I also would like to hear from you guys! Until next time!

Nhu's dandelion Inspiration
Our guide


  1. What you could do is spray some layers of clear coat for some nice gloss. It will also protect from paint chips in the future. After the clear coat, use 2000 grit sand paper and wet sand the surface for a smooth touch. Wet sanding is having the surface lubricated while sanding just so the surface is even. But just a suggestion.

  2. I love it! Good job Princess and my lovely cuz. :) Good luck with your dresser!