Sunday, July 8, 2012

Refashioned Men's Shirt to Waist Tie

I got this shirt when I went thrifting for the floral. The fabric is so smooth and light weight unlike most typical men's shirts. I've been wanting a waist tie shirt for some time now and this satisfied my want at a great price of $2.29!
1. Lay your own button down shirt (or any shirt) on top of the one you're fixing up to get a feel of where you want to cut the waist. Add about 1" or so for the hem.
2. Fold the shirt in half lining up the bottom edge of the shirt. Starting from the back cut a straight line where you wanted the waist to hit. I know mine is somewhat slanted but it depends on how the shirt is when folded.  Stop cutting straight at the mid-line. Start to cut diagonally going down in order to achieve the tie part.
3. Lay the sleeve out and cut. If you want a sleeve then cut from the armpit and go out.  If you want it sleeveless, just cut off the sleeve.
4. Once everything is cut all you have left to do is to take in the sides and sleeve to fit your liking. Make sure to pin and try on.
5. Hem the bottom. Cut the excess sides (after pinning) and hem the sleeves. Finally I did a French seam on the sides to hide edges and prevent fraying. Voila!

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