Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Refashioned Oversized Blouse to Neck-Tie Blouse

Hi Readers!
Over the weekend Nhung and I had a tea party at Inspirations Tea Room. We were planning on going for high tea at the arts museum but there was a Groupon for Inspirations so that's where we went. At first look, a little salad or soup and mini wraps and sandwiches does not look too filling, but let me tell you- they were! We were so full we could not even finish our cheesecake! For our teas I ordered Florence (chocolate and hazelnut) and Nhung ordered Two Hearts Blend (fruity).

Tutorial time! I got this blouse the same time I got the shirts from the previous two posts. As you can tell it was super oversized with puffy shoulders.
1. First thing to do was snip the sleeves off.

2. From the sleeves, cut 2-3 long strips for the neck-tie (depends how long you want the tie and how long your sleeves are). Mine were about 2 inches wide. Sew the strips together. Fold in half length-wise and iron.
3. Cut off the collar
4. Cut a V-neck. Take the long strip from Step 2 and open. Fold in ~1/4" or less of the edges and press and fold back in half. Determine the center of the strip and make sure that it lines with the back center of the blouse. Now you're going to tuck ~1/4" of the edges of the neckline into the strip's fold. Pin and sew down. All of this ensures no opened or frayed edges. Once neckline is done continue to sew along the edge of the strip so that it is closed. (Apologies for not taking pictures here)
5. Fix the sides and bottom to fit your liking as described in previous posts.  Hem the arm holes.

A bit confusing so if any questions, feel free to ask!

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