Monday, August 20, 2012

Lace on Denim

Loving the look of lace on denim.  It adds really dresses it up just enough yet keeps the comfy feel. I want to add little bits of lace to everything! School's back in session for most college around the state, and what better way to kick it off by learning these 2 simple but cute tutorials?

A. This was inspired from Gypsiesister's Chambray Bandana Top.
1. You'll need a denim or chambray shirt and one fourth yd of lace. Then just follow the link's instructions.
2. You're going to want to stretch the lace to cover the bottom of the shirt and sew it down else it will be shorter than the shirt.
-You may want to use zigzag stitch to make sure the lace stays down.

B. Definitely inspired by this right here- I actually like the lighter blue more than my darker denim shirt but that's all I could find

1. Another denim or chambray shirt and some lace. Here I've used crocheted lace trimming which was absolutely gorgeous.
2. Pin trimming along the collar.  Try to use wide trimming so you can't see the edge of the collar underneath like mine. Cut off excess and sew down the top and bottom edge of the trimming to the collar.
3. Because this is trimming and not a large piece of lace I measured the distance across the pocket and added a wee bit more.
4. Cut out enough trimming to cover the length of the pocket. You will essentially make a square piece of lace by sewing the edges of the trimmings together (the blue dashes in step 5) I didn't show it but you will also cut out a piece to cover the pocket flap.
5. Sew the lace down. The red is where lace is sewed down onto the shirt. Make sure not to sew onto the actually pocket but around it's edge.

Note- You may want to hand wash or gentle wash these to keep the crocheted design from unraveling or the lace getting snagged on something

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