Saturday, August 25, 2012

Laptop Sleeve

Taking a wee break from clothing and made a laptop sleeve instead today!  I had bought one a while back but spilled coffee on it and it's pretty flimsy so I made a nice cushioned machine washable one that fits my taste more.
Laptop for measurement. Mine was 9.5" x 13"
5/8 yd quilting (cushioned material with batting attached)
5/8 yd print of your own choosing
lace trimming (optional)
Button clasp

1. Cut vinyl that is double the size of your laptop such that it can fold over it.  Add an inch or more to each side for seam allowance and the fact that your laptop has some depth to it.
2. The quilting I bought has one side that is muslin and the other side is batting. Depending on cushioned you want it, I cut out two pieces and sewed the batting sides together thus leaving the muslin on the outside.
3. Cut out a piece of fabric the same size as the quilted piece added 1/2" or so to each side again for seam allowance.
4. Fold each side of fabric ~1/2" then another 1/2" tucking the quilting underneath the second fold. Sew down.
5. Fold the piece in half, outsides together and sew up the two open sides.
6. For the flap measure a piece at is a the length of the opening and add on an inch or two.  For the width, make it long as you want the flap to be. I didn't add on enough to the length and the flap was a tad bit short. Again fold in 1/2" then another 1/2" and sew or surge if you can.
7. Fold  the piece in half then bring in the two side corners to make the point of the envelope.
8. Take one layer of quilting and measure enough to fit the triangle. I used scraps hence the two pieces.
9. Tuck the quilting in the triangle and sew down the outer edges and a small section in the middle.
10. In the picture I laid the flap on top of the inside of the designated back. However, you should put outsides  together and line up the edge of the flap and the back and sew.
10.2 (optional) add a trimming along the outer edge of the flap.
11. Hand sew the hook of the clasp to the middle of the flap. The stationary loop should be placed low enough to give a secure lock once clasped together.

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